Why Set?

  • It is unobtrusive. Your templates are 100% valid HTML 5.
  • It is simple. No confusing, error‐prone mapping code to write.
  • It is visual. Design in the browser or your favourite visual editor. Use mock data in your templates.
  • It is DRY. Use the same template on server and on client.

Read more about how Set is different.

Get started

The Hello Badge output.

Hello Badge is a simple 4‐part series of examples. It is the ‘Hello, world!’ of Set and introduces the core concepts.

Start playing with Set now.

Play with this site locally

  1. Install Set:
    npm install indie-set
  2. Change to the Set folder:
    cd node_modules/indie-set/
  3. Start the server:
    npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000 and play!

Note: Set is written in CoffeeScript. npm install -g coffee-script

Other examples

Source code

Grab the source code from Set’s Git repository.



Set is based on the excellent Distal template engine.